Thursday, September 29, 2011


i miss u like crazy... :'(

ღSharing Is Caring, Caring Is Lovingღ

Be Yourself oke!

Like To wEar Levis..?
Go ahead.....with red tab 546 + 577

Like to bUy kniT Wear..?
gO ahead.....comma's the 1st oNe

LoVe AnnA sUi + revlon + Loreal....?
Go yOur personality

No Funds...?
tAke yOur time.....need to study 1st...

Problem with Weight...?
Take GreatfUl for what ALLAH gave you..

Someone demands niCe assets...?
"Eeee tolong lah!"....taKe Easy..thankful for what ALLAH gave you...
nO bOtoX...nO cReam...nO surgery...nO drUg..

be yourself when you 
love someone..
Be yourself when you are in love..
bE yourself when you are 
close to him..
be yourself when you find your soulmate..
bE yourself wHen someone say that you looks like 'mak cik @ tua @ buruk'

......because you are great as you are
......dont listen to people who puts you down because they are insecure themselves

love is WONDERFUL + love is NICE + love is SPIRIT but love can be HORRIBLE if someone doesn't accept you as you are..     

ღSharing Is Caring, Caring Is Lovingღ

can i love u like before?

awak berubah.tak macam dulu.saya rindu awak yang,saya ikut cara awak.saya da tak nak cakap banyak. :'(

ღSharing Is Caring, Caring Is Lovingღ